Press release – 20 October 2022

Press release – 20 Oct 2022

The regime in Eritrea carried out numerous round-ups in different parts of Eritrea, forcing all abled-body to join the Eritrean National Army according to the National service Proclamation Vol. 5/1995 No 11. Some individuals over the age of 55 have also been forced to join the army. To avoid being involved in another cycle of violence, many civilians are hiding in the countryside or simply isolating in their homes.

IFE thus demands that the Eritrean government seeks for responsible and peaceful avenues in order to meticulously preserve and protect every single life of Eritreans. The people of Eritrea deserves peace, reconciliation, unity.

IFE therefore calls for:

  1. The Eritrean forces to scrupulously remain on Eritrean territory;
  2. The Eritrean government to rigorously abide by the Eritrean constitution and international law in its obligation to protect Eritrea’s sovereignty.