IFE – Letter to Embassies and International organizations

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TO :
Embassy of Eritrea                            Embassy of Eritrea
Rue de Lausanne 80                          Stjärnvägen 2
1202 Geneva                                     181 50 Lidingö
Switzerland                                       Sweden

Embassy of Ethiopia                         Embassy of Ethiopia
Rue de Moillebeau 56                       Birger Jarlsgatan 39
1209 Geneva                                       11 45 Stockholm
Switzerland                                         Sweden

CC :
UNHCR                                   International Committee of the Red Cross
Rue de Montbrillant 94        19 Avenue de la paix
1201 Genève                            1202 Geneva
Switzerland                              Switzerland

Geneva, July 9, 2021

Information Forum for Eritrea (IFE) has taken note that UNHCR in Ethiopia as well as other actors in the region are aware of reports of alleged killings of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, Tigray region. We urge the international community to corroborate the information.

IFE condemns in the strongest possible terms any crimes allegedly committed against Eritreans and Ethiopian, irrespective of the perpetrators. The international humanitarian law is set to clarify what can and cannot be done during an armed conflict.

Everyone fighting a war needs to respect international humanitarian law, both governmental forces and non-State armed groups. If the rules of war are broken, there are consequences.

War crimes would be documented and investigated by States and international courts. Individuals should be prosecuted for war crimes.

Therefore, IFE calls on the Governments of Ethiopia, Eritrea and the regional administration of Tigray to cooperate with the international community to investigate and determine the responsibility of the parties involved and to prosecute, in accordance with regional and international law, the perpetrators of said crimes

Mussie Calmerfalk Ephrem                    Veronica Almedom
President                                                      Co-director