Hajji Mussa dies

You will remember, in late October 2017, following a rare event in the center of Asmara, Haji Mussa (93 years), this highly respectable man had been taken to prison. The reason for his imprisonment: standing up to the government against the arbitrary closure of the denominational school he had built and run for several decades.

It had been more than four months since the Eritrean government held him, without any due process of law.

Haji Mussa died today, March 3, 2018, in a hospital in Asmara.

It is thus a precious jewel of the history of the country which goes away. A man of great principles. A role model for many. Another figure of courage, dynamism and defiance.

What to expect in the next few days? Probably more repression, more ill-treatments to those who legitimately express their frustration and anger vis-à-vis this tragic and undignified loss. This is the vicious circle in which Eritrean society has been trapped.