“Evacuate Eritreans from Libya”

Geneva, September 15, 2018

Yesterday and today, Eritreans, and many friends of the cause, gathered in seven different cities:
-Berlin (Germany);
– Bologna (Italy);
– Geneva (Switzerland);
-London (United-Kingdom);
– Milano (Italy);
– Stockholm (Sweden); and
– The Hague (Netherlands).

In unison, they expressed their indignation in the face of the grave abuse perpetrated by traffickers in Libya. With the knowledge of the international community, innocent individuals continue to be subject to the most inhumane treatment. Various forms of deprivation, exploitation, torture, rape have been reported by UN agencies. The President of Médecins sans Frontières Dr. Joelle Liu, after her visit in Libyan detention centers in 2017, described what she saw as the “incarnation of humane cruelty at its extreme”.

A year later, nothing has improved.

On the contrary, in the course of the last few weeks, serious escalations were reported amongst Libyan groups competing for control of territories and political power. Last week, many pictures of vulnerable migrants shot by these groups were sent to the Eritrean community living in Europe and in North America. Therefore, Eritreans, fellow African and many friends of the cause demand a rapid evacuation of these vulnerable groups from this zone ravaged by civil war.

Given that Eritreans cannot expect any protection from their government, the responsibility of (1) UNHCR and (2) the international community is de jurereinforced in compliance with the Geneva Convention. We urge them to take all the necessary humanitarian, political, diplomatic measures to end this horrendous violence perpetrated on these innocent and vulnerable individuals trapped in Libya.

More demonstrations will be organized in the coming days, weeks and months. Eritreans and friends of the cause around the world are resolute to continue to hold demonstrations until tangible solutions are provided by States and by UNHCR.

*               *               *