Early celebration

President Isaias Afeworki has jointly with Ethiopia declared end of war (which is a great development!). However, there has not been any sign or address of a plan to make the necessary adjustments at an internal level.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this peace process, Eritreans have not once been consulted or even informed of the way this peace process will impact their personal lives in a short/medium/long term. Indeed, Eritreans remain spectators of their public affairs.

The indefinite national service remains unaddressed although the practice becomes obsolete considering that « former sworn enemy », who is now a partner, can freely access Eritrean territory by land, sea and air. Ironically, Eritreans’ freedom of movement remains unaddressed and de facto still restricted.

IFE demands that the Government of Eritrea :
– creates a public space to discuss the coming adjustements in order to restore as soon as possible the trust between the population and the state actors/institutions,
– implements without delay the 1997 constitution ; and
– release unconditionally all prisoners of conscience who remain unlawfully imprisoned in secret jails.