Basel Peace Forum

Yesterday, I attended the 6th edition of the Basel Peace Forum organized by swisspeace where I discussed the role of the Eritrean diaspora on past injustices and contributions to peace.

Like many across the world, and especially during the 90s, the Eritrean diaspora has been a substantial contributor to the development of the country with financial remittances and academic contributions.

The Eritrean diaspora has also been a considerable contributor to peace, stability and justice from the years of struggle for independence, to more recently when calling for respect of the rule of law.

On this Basel Peace Forum panel, I had the privilege to share the stage with Julie Bernath, Luisa Franco (#Colombia) and Ahmed Helmi (#Syria) whose insights about their communities’ processes of dealing with the past were invaluable.

One of the conclusion that I drew from our conversation is that no matter how hard a diaspora works, their efforts can only reach their full potential if they are actively supported and coordinated by both, the country of origin and the one of residence whether we speak about #development#education, justice or peace matters.

So much more to unpack about what this multi-stakeholder #synergy can bring. Hope there will be more conversations and exchanges of best practices. Thank you to the awesome team of swisspeace for making this discussion a success!