(English) Eritrean Provisional Plan 2021

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A group of non-partisan scholars and well-established practitioners co-created the Eritrean Provisional Plan 2021. This journey started in the middle of 2004  and since then a great number of individuals have been involved in the process. More recently, Mussie Ephrem, Temesghen Kubrom and Saba T. Kidane had the major responsibility to finalize this document.

The latter exposes in a detailed and tangible manner the process of the transition from the current government to a lawful and democratic one. It also introduces effective governmental structures that comply with Eritrea’s national and international obligations.

The Eritrean Provisional Plan 2021 has been designed on the basis of the values embedded in the Constitution such as Article 1 sub Article 3:

“In the State of Eritrea, sovereign power is vested in the people, who shall exercise such power through their representatives, duly elected pursuant to the procedures authorized by the provisions of this Constitution”.

The Plan encompasses and addresses the reform of the executive, legislative and judiciary bodies and offers a set of solutions to some challenges such as:

– the creation of a provisional government and assembly;
– the electoral process;
– the reform in the security sector;
– the rebuilding of the confidence and trust amongst Eritrean people;
– the transformation of new Eritrean Foreign policies; and
– the full inclusion and engagement with the diaspora for a rapid development.

In this vein, the group in charge of drafting the Provisional Plan not only makes it entirely open to the public, but it also pro-actively invites, Eritrean communities across the world as well as other stakeholders to discuss it, debate it and to amend it in a transparent and participatory manner.

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