(English) Press release – Unity for liberty

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(Geneva – September 20, 2019)
Two decades of traumatic experiences where state terrorism, mass exploitation, economic impoverishment of people became the norm for millions of innocent Eritreans; Two decades of ethnic division instilled by Isayas Afeworki. The crimes committed rattled our community valuessuch as love to one another, trust,and solidarity, but it has not killed the vibrant Eritrean spirit.

The Yiakil movement is a testament that the unified and bold Eritrean voice is well and truly alive. It has passed from one generation to another. With this movement, each Eritrean proved that she/he will refuse to be defined by victimhood and by the harminstilled by Isaias for decades. Each Eritrean affirmed that she/he will stand for justice, compassion, humanity,and equality for all Eritreans.

14 months ago, Ethiopia agreed to fully accept the Ethiopian-Eritrean boundary commission which decreed the disputed territory of Badme as Eritrean territory. Unsurprisingly,
14 months later, Isaias Afeworki continues to deprive Eritreans of safety and opportunities. Although this land was gained through the sweat and blood of their mothers and fathers.

To redress our Nation, we must restore a solid and common vision founded on reconciliation and forgiveness, tolerance and respect.

A vision where deep self-reflection takes places, both on an individual and collective levels; A vision where dialogue and reconciliation replace resentment and anger-based politics;
A vision where all Eritreans feel equally included from the bottom-up in the army, in government, in all cities and villages, as well as in the diaspora.

The time has come for Eritrea to be governed with ethics, transparency and trust. Eritrea is the land of all Eritreans.

Let’s all join this common vision in order to repair the harm caused to millions of families. Eritrea will be revitalized and will be respected for all that it has overcome and for all the achievements that it will collectively reach in the coming years!

*          *          *

AGENDA 2021 – Be part of the transformation!

  • Promote Eritrean diversity as a source of wealth;
  • Be an active participant on the road to dialogue, peace and national reconciliation;
  • Deal with the crimes against humanity committed and collectively learn from the past;
  • Promote a people-centered leadership for all Eritreans; and
  • Involve all Eritreans to create and adopt new targets for a 2030 Vision for Eritrea.

Press release