(English) Crossing the sea, colliding with the legal wall

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The number 45 of the magazine „Causes communes“ is dedicated to Childhood. The contributions are as touching as instructive.

Among them, the story of Admasawit!

It has been more than two years now since she has not seen her mother after a migratory journey that tore her family apart after  the abduction of her mother in the middle of the Sahara desert. For more than two years, the Secretary of State for Migration (SSM) has not been taking into account Admasawit’s best interests, leaving behind the asylum application filed by Negash, his father.

He had been in military service for more than 16 years before leaving Eritrea with his tender wife and Admasawit, then a year and a half old. Despite Negash’s many attempts for a family reunification, he systematically encounters a legal wall that binds his hands, but does not prevent from having a lump in his throat each time Admasawit, from the top of her 4 years, shares her sadness, either at bedtime, or when seeing her classmates being cuddled by their moms on the way to school.

The SSM does not seem to see any major drawbacks in having a two-year-old separated from her mother for such a long time and for purely administrative reasons.

What is left of article 3 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child? Does it apply equitably to all children? Even those from migration? This question remains open in many respects …