(English) Beginning of a dialogue between the two brothers

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This morning, on the occasion of the national day in memory of the martyrs, the Eritrean President spoke on the issue of peace initiated by the new Ethiopian Prime Minister. Fifteen days after the „full and unconditional“ acceptance of the Algiers agreement by Ethiopia, the Eritrean President explains that it is „game over“ for the Ethiopian party TPLF, often embodied in the person of Meles Zenawi, who represented the black beast of Isayas Afeworki, and vice versa.

But the great news of the President was accompanied with a concrete step, namely the sending of an Eritrean delegation to Addis Ababa. No indication yet on the date or what Eritrea expects from this first meeting.

However, IFE welcomes this move by the Eritrean President. Modalities such as the physical demarcation of the territory and the nationalities of the individuals residing there remain to be determined. The African Union would have a key role to play in this peace process which finally seems to begin between the two countries. The stability of the entire region depending on it.