(English) „I learned about myself at the theater“

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„At first we spent a lot of time together, and then we started practicing in a room in Carouge, we practiced more and more, sometimes we had to repeat the same scene several times because we forgot our texts. A year of work, the rehearsals have borne fruitS and we began to make real performances.

At my first performance, I was a little nervous. But I learned to leave all my thoughts in the locker room. After 3-4 performances, I saw real changes.

I was not predestined to arrive to these beautiful representations. Indeed, I left Eritrea very young, I crossed the desert of the Sahara, stayed there for 12 long days. My group and I had even been deprived of water for long periods. Many people had to drink their urine to survive, some felt very bad. Later, the smuggler finally took us to Libya. But, at the intersection of Sudan, Libya and Egypt, we were attacked by Egyptians. They shot our truck with their heavy weapons. I was sure we were all going to die there. A few days later, we were taken to Libya. And that was a new nightmare. The Libyans tortured people in front of me, they also kicked a young pregnant woman in the belly. It resulted to the death of her baby. They killed some of my friends in front of me. While they were continuing to rape young women, I learned that a member of my family had paid over EUR 1900 to free me. So I was able to get out of this villa of horror.

With all that I have experienced, I would never have thought of engaging in a theatrical activity. Or even imagine that it would make me proud. This commitment was a turning point in my life, it allowed me to get to know myself. I had a lot of fun doing this activity and my theater companions have become a real family.

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