Our Team

Veronica Almedom
Founder & Director
Veronica Almedom is a Communication Specialist and a Peace Ambassador at the Global Forum for Young Leaders, One Young World. With a cumulative work experience of 5 years in the private sector, she co-founded IFE in November 2016. She now studies at the University of Geneva. Since 2013, Veronica Almedom has been actively promoting respect for human rights in Eritrea and supporting Eritrean asylum seekers in Switzerland. In January 2016, she was appointed as a member of the Swiss Federal Commission for migration.
Amanuel Ghebreab
Amanuel Ghebreab, graduated with B.A. in Economics and International Studies from Monash University in 2013. Amanuel then moved to Geneva where he graduated with MA of Political Science from the Graduate Institute, after which he worked with the Global Fund and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights respectively for a year. Having just graduated with a MS in Data Analytics from Clarkson University in the USA, Amanuel is following a career track as a data analyst.
Wegahtabrhan Sereke
Legal Adviser
Wegi Sereke is an Eritrean lawyer with a cumulative work of experience of more than 8 years. Formerly, she was a Staff Attorney at the Legal Advisor’s Office to the Eritrean State President. Currently, she is a Consultant with the Brussels-based think-tank, Europe External Policy Advisors (EEPA). After obtaining her graduate degrees in international dispute settlement (2011) and international law (2013) from MIDS and the Graduate Institute in Geneva, respectively, she has interned with three Geneva-based United Nations entities: UNCC, WIPO and UPOV.