IFE – Letter to Ethiopian embassies

Click here for the PDF version of the letter TO : Embassy of Ethiopia                         Embassy of Ethiopia Rue de Vermont 9                             Birger Jarlsgatan 39 1202 Geneva                                     11 45 Stockholm Switzerland                                       […]

“Today, I am happy to have obtained my first volunteer job at Caritas.”

I never gave up, even though the conditions in the shelters were not pleasant at all. I attended rigorously all our French courses at Les Charmilles and several other French courses given free of charge in several corners of the city of Geneva. Today, I am pleased to have obtained my first volunteer job at Caritas.

UNESCO awards World Press Freedom Prize to Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak

An independent and international jury of media professionals unanimously recommended that Dawit Isaak be awarded the prize for freedom of the press. Dawit Isaak, 52, is a journalist, writer and […]