Our Board

Huda Bakhet
Roland Chauville
Special Adviser
Roland Chauville is a passionate human rights and non-profit professional with ten years’ experience in leadership, fundraising, and staff and project management. He is the former founder and executive director of UPR Info, an NGO dedicated to promote the Universal Periodic Review (UPR), the largest international human rights mechanism. In ten years, UPR Info has become the world reference on the UPR. The organisation has enabled thousands of human rights defenders to advocate for their rights at the international level and it has established the largest human rights advocacy platform in the world, giving voices to hundreds of human rights defenders and NGOs from over 150 countries. Roland is a dual citizen of Switzerland and France and holds a Masters in International Relations from University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, in France.
Mussie Ephrem
Special Adviser
Mussie Calmerfalk Ephrem is a Swedish – Eritrean political scientist and lawyer. He has been a Swedish politician for almost two decades. As a human rights expert, he has been following the political development in the Horn of Africa for several years. He works as a legal and political adviser.